Contemporary Novels for the Middle Grades 

Fast-paced, character driven novels for kids living in a post 9-11 world

Excerpt from 

Backyard Bigfoot

Like someone invading my personal space, the forest leaned in.  I wanted to back away, but everywhere I turned more grey tree trunks towered, more branches tangled my ponytail, and more thorny green vines snaked .  Even the smell, like a wet sponge left on the kitchen counter too long, clutched at me.  This place was alive and wanted none of me in it.

"What would you do with a Bigfoot?"  I meant it to sound like no big deal.  Instead, my voice squeaked and told the truth.  Tattle tale. 

Quinn's muddy brown eyes narrowed.  His rosy cheeks puffed out.  Then he laughed one  musical note.  A warning.     

"No one CATCHES a Bigfoot, dummy."